A Day of St​yle and Beauty given with love...

Women are masters at juggling it all . . . career, husband, children, shopping and all the responsibilities of everyday life. When a diagnosis of breast cancer enters the picture, putting your life on hold for treatment can be an overwhelming task. 


Spoil Me Pink is an a exclusive complimentary program, designed to give breast cancer survivors, or those currently battling breast cancer, a day to escape the trials of treatment and its effects by having a chance to enhance their new selves in a fun and positive way.  We are treating newly diagnosed survivors and thriving survivors to a one of a kind experience. We will help them feel gorgeous with a beauty makeover and personalized style session while they enjoy refreshments and then take home trendy fashion pieces with homemade desserts. For more details please visit our FAQ's page or email us on our contact page.

Our next VIP Lounge will be at Femmebot Clothing Boutique in Ridgewood, NJ on June 18, 2018. We are currently accepting appointments. If you would like to attend (or nominate a survivor to attend) please fill out the information on our CONTACT page.

VIP Lounge