A Day of St​yle and Beauty given with love...


​​Here is what some of our Spoil Me Pink survivors are saying…


Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are all special angels and I am truly blessed to have you take such wonderful care of me. Thank you for this special gift and your kindness. A day I will never forget. AV

Thank you so much for a fun day! I started crying and left laughing! You are special women. MK


Thank you for spoiling me pink. I know I am not in the happiest place right now but you made me smile. Thank you so much!  JT


Spoil Me Pink was just what I needed to feel pretty again (even without hair)! You ladies couldn't have made my mother and I feel more at home. There is a special place in heaven for the three of you. SL.


Thank you for making me feel special during my makeover! Confidence and strength is all a woman needs. Thank you! LV


What a very special group of women and a very special organization! I not only enjoyed the time here, but I loved looking forward to this very special day. Thank you so very much. LES 


Thank you so much for your gifts, your time, your smiles and encouragement. It has touched my heart in ways, which it has not felt for a long time. Spreading joy and beauty so selflessly shows the kindness within you. Very grateful for a wonderful afternoon.  LM


This was truly a beautiful and wonderful experience. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for making me feel happy and colorful! KN


Thank you so much for having us here today… it was so fun to hang out with you all. The pampering and gifts were so nice. My daughter had a great time too. Thank you again for this generous gift. EDV


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I'm so glad I switched out of my PJ's today! I feel great and I promise to wear more color. XO TF


Just want to thank everyone for making my visit so enjoyable!! Loved all the pampering, advice and gifts I received. What a wonderful experience!! Thank you so much, KB


 Thank you for all your time, expertise and compassion. Even though it was a breast cancer survivor event I forgot for a couple of hours that I was afflicted with the illness. Thank you for helping me realize my new normal. Thank you and God Bless. JB


Thank you for such a fun filled day. After going through breast cancer this day of wonderful women is what a girl needs. Thanks, RT


I feel so amazing and grateful to take a few hours out of my day and spend it with such amazing people who put together this wonderful charity. I feel even stronger to see and feel that there are people out there

who really care. Thank you so much, you guys are awesome!! SJ.

I want to thank you all for spoiling me!!! What a great time I had. I think it is amazing what you are all doing to help us to love our "new" selves. It is people like all of you that inspire us to go out and help change the day of a survivor!!! Thank you again. MA

Thank you for this day…. a day that I got to celebrate the journey that I have been through. I was reminded to be the person I was before the diagnosis, although always now a survivor and a "sister". Thank you for spoiling me LF

Thank you for a fun day. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot as well. Continue the great work, it is wonderful you are so devoted to a great cause! Best Wishes, KL

Tara, Jen and Jen, everyone was so wonderful. Thank you so much for this amazing experience. I was really struggling with how to dress myself with all these new changes to my body. Jen walked me through it and really made me feel better and it got me in the right mindset. Tara, thank you for sharing your experiences with me. I hope many women can have a Spoil Me Pink experience! KM

To the most amazing group of women, I was so nervous before I came in here because I was not used to being pampered. I really appreciate your kindness, compassion, and love. I love my make-up and style makeover. You guys are an inspiration. I would love one day to give back like you are doing. Spoil Me Pink totally rocks! MC 

I feel beautiful and energized. You are so supportive and complimentary. I can face whatever comes with the positive energy you exude. Thank you!!! JE

I so appreciate today. It is so nice to feel pretty and young again, even healthy again. Thank you so much for your care, talent & enthusiasm. It made a difference. LD

Words cannot express what these hours spent with you wonderful women have meant. Thank you falls short. LM

This was such a great experience. Made me feel so beautiful. Cannot express my appreciation in words alone. CB

This was such a wonderful experience… A bright star during a dark time. Thank you for a fantastic night. KK

Amazing, great, It made me feel like me again. Thank you for a great evening. CV