What is Spoil Me Pink?

Spoil Me Pink is a 501 c3 nonprofit charitable organization. It was founded by three women who wanted to help a friend feel good about herself after a very difficult time in her life. Their idea was to give her the gift of a day of total pampering while providing encouragement after a breast cancer diagnosis.

How often are the events? How long do the appointments last?
​The events are usually several times a year. Although each event consists of a full makeover some vary with extras such as hairstyling, massages, facials and more. Each Spoil Me Pink event day will host six to ten women for an approximately two hour long session per survivor. Each woman will have an one on one appointment for the most private session possible.

Where will the sessions be held?
They will be held at the Spoil Me Pink VIP Lounge which is making it's way around several locations in the Tri-state area. If you would like to host an event at your hair salon, clothing boutique, cosmetics store or any other intimate location please contact us.

Do I need to live nearby to apply?
No. We welcome survivors from any area who are willing and able to travel to our VIP Lounge.

How can I apply?
Please click on our contact page and submit the form.  One of our team members will reach out to you to discuss your session.

How do you select the women?
​​We select the women on a first come, first serve basis. We will do our best to accommodate all the woman that apply. Spoil Me Pink does not discriminate against any applicant because of race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status or veteran status.

How do I schedule my appointment?
After you are selected we will contact you with dates and times currently available.

Are all breast cancer survivors eligible?

No. Please consult your surgeon or oncologist first. When you are cleared by your doctor(s) then you may participate in our program. Although we would love to have all survivors participate, we are currently only accepting breast cancer survivors.

Do I have to wear anything specific?
No. Just bring your happy self in whatever makes you comfortable. Although, it is recommended to come with a clean face without make up if possible.

Should I bring anything to my stylist session?
Yes, whether it's that dress you are not sure how to wear, or the outfit you cannot decide upon the best accompanying shoes, this is the time to ask. Jennifer suggests for you to bring a sampling of your wardrobe for her to guide you with adapting your personal style to your new body. 

Can I bring a friend?
Yes. You may bring one guest of your choosing to observe as you enjoy your experience. Although the stylists and make up portion of the session is only for the survivor, we will serve beverages and snacks for you and your guest.

Can I buy any of the products or accessories used during my session?
Yes. Our partners graciously offer participants a special discount for their products to purchase during your session.

Will there be lovely parting gifts?
Yes. We are excited to offer each survivor an exclusive Spoil Me Pink SWAG bag with goodies.

Can I make a donation?
Yes. We welcome and appreciate all donations. Although our team's services are free, we still incur operating costs and use funds for spoiling our survivors (gift bags, babysitting compensation, special events, etc.) You will receive a tax deductible receipt upon making a donation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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